Complete Vehicle Production in Blender


Available only until December 12th!

It's back for a limited time! Last chance to check out this course, but be warned, this was recorded in Blender 2.78 so there are a lot of UI changes. Some of the techniques in this course have also been upgraded in my newer car course Master Car Creation in Blender, so I would highly recommend watching that course instead. And some things aren't fully compatible, like a script I wrote to re-size everything to to the right scale before texturing. For that you can either model things at the correct dimensions from the beginning, or ignore resizing it all in the end.

Because of all that, this course is offered at a discount and offered as-is. I won't be able to provide any online help for this course anymore.

Check out what's included in this Blender course:

  • Step by step modeling for every part of the Jeep, inside and out.

  • Learn new hard surface modeling techniques that allow you to achieve perfect results when adding details to curved surfaces.

  • Creating totally customizable shaders including car paint with flakes, metals, plastics, glass, leather, tire rubber, and more!

  • Setting up a studio, lighting, and an HDR environment for the final render in Cycles.

  • Techniques for drawing your own car blueprints using Blender.

  • The final Jeep model is also included!

This course includes over 46 hours of video showing every step of the creation process for every part of the jeep. So whether you're interested in following the course all the way through or using this as a production guide for your own projects, this course is packed with information and tons of hard surface modeling techniques to learn from.

If you would like to sample a free chapter from this course, the rim modeling chapter is available at

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Complete Vehicle Production in Blender